Two LulzSec Members Plead Guilty to Charges in the UK

June 25, 2012 -

Two British men admitted to being part of the hacktivist group LulzSec and to committing various acts of hacking against high profile targets in a British court today.

Ryan Cleary pled guilty to hacking charges to being a member of LulzSec. Jake Davis also admitted to attacking the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) in the UK. The two men entered a plea of guilty earlier today while two others, Ryan Ackroyd and an unnamed 17-year-old, denied the charges.

The trial related to these charges won't take place until April 2013. These charges do not include offences that took place against targets in the United States. That's a whole other rodeo.

Ryan Clearly has been charged by U.S. law enforcement for his part in DDoS attacks and hacking into computers owned by Fox, Sony, PCS and other companies - but the court has yet to decide if it wants to go through the process of extraditing him. Chances are they will do just that at some point.

Source: Tech Radar



Re: Two LulzSec Members Plead Guilty to Charges in the UK

Not sure what's more goofy and laughable - the groups that hack these organizations or the organizations that style themselves as the 'best' in terms of cyber security, law enforcement, etc - that are getting hacked.

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