$99 Xbox 360-Kinect Bundle Now in Best Buy, GameStop

June 26, 2012 -

We reported on this when Microsoft made the announcement a while ago, but now it's official: Microsoft's $99 Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle with a questionable two-year subscription to Xbox Live is now available in limited quantities at both Best Buy and GameStop in the United States. The deal was previously only available at about 14 Microsoft stores in the United States but the company said that it needed more locations to test out the viability of the program so it expanded it through some retail partnerships.

The 4GB Kinect-Xbox 360 hardware bundle retails for $99, but customers have to agree to a two-year Xbox Live subscription plan that costs around $15 a month. The plus side to the deal is that you get the hardware on the cheap, but the downside is that you are now paying a hefty monthly fee (about the cost of having HBO) and end up paying about $420. Beyond that there's a lot of fine print in the deal that punishes you for not sticking to your contract. The early termination fee for those who want to get out of the contract is $250 in the first three months after purchase, which scales way down to $12 in the 23rd month.

Source: GameSpot


Re: $99 Xbox 360-Kinect Bundle Now in Best Buy, GameStop

But what if I already have an XBOX Live account, and had it for five years?

 - W

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Re: $99 Xbox 360-Kinect Bundle Now in Best Buy, GameStop

only pseudo worth it if the customer can't afford the full price up front.  but even in that case, 2 years locked into the contract with no affordable recourse is a rough sell.

and what happens if/when the next gen xbox is released inside the 2 year commitment? 

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