Sex in a Zynga Game? Whoopee!

June 29, 2012 -

In the grand tradition of FarmVille, YoVille, FishVille, CityVille, and CastleVille, social game development company Zynga has released a new game in the “Ville” series titled simply: The Ville.

You just rolled your eyes, didn’t you?

The Ville is a life-simulation game in which you create a custom avatar, build a home and cultivate virtual relationships with others.  Ah, but that’s not all!  As characters climb the “experience tree” they can unlock the ability to initiate the “happiness home run” or “whoopee” with other characters.

Seriously.  “Whoopee.”  Zynga executive producer David Gray used those words in an interview with CNET.

So, how is “whoopee” depicted in game?  Well, apparently the characters start getting undressed and then the screen is obscured by floating hearts.  Whoopee, indeed.

MSNBC points out that this is remarkably similar to EA’s Sims Social where characters make “woo-hoo” by jumping into a bed, sharing a quick peck on the lips and then completely vanishing while the bed itself jumps up and down and little hearts float across the screen.  Want to see a video?  Of course you do!

So, is this going to turn controversial?  Is anyone going to get their undies in a bunch over the cartoonish suggestion of sex in a video game?  It would appear Zynga is interested in nipping such silliness in the bud.  An update to the previously mentioned CNET article shows Zynga SVP of product development Mark Skaggs actively trying to tone down any suggestion that The Ville is a dating app, insisting that the “romantic relationship channel is just a small part of it."

Source: MSNBC

Image: CNET

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen


Re: Sex in a Zynga Game? Whoopee!

I wonder if the title of this game is their way of attempting to lockdown the trademark on plain "Ville", so they can sue all the other <foo>ville authors?

Re: Sex in a Zynga Game? Whoopee!

'Woohoo' is the phrase used in more or less all Sims games for that action :)

Sounds like a pretty blatant rip-off of various versions of the Sims to be honest, but then, as said previously, this is Zynga, who was expecting anything else?

Re: Sex in a Zynga Game? Whoopee!

The fact that Zynga stole an entire game design isn't surprising, but the fact that they stole it from Electronic Arts? Oh, I do so hope to see the shit hitting the fan over this.

Re: Sex in a Zynga Game? Whoopee!

"...this is remarkably similar to EA’s Sims Social..."

because, you know, zynga cant do anything original.

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