Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 11

July 18, 2012 -

Episode 11 of the Super Podcast Action Committee almost didn't happen this week. Oh, Andrew and Zachary sat down and talked for a full 60 minutes, but an upgrade to the recording software we use managed to throw a wrench in the works leaving us with only 32 minutes of questionable audio to work with. Still, we're not quitters so we've put together what we have: results from the GamePolitics Poll on the OUYA and a discussion on why the Android-powered home console that has managed to raise $5 million on Kickstarter so far may drive big console makers to the very brink of insanity. You see that darkness down there, my friends? That's where failed consoles and the echoes of failed podcasts go for eternity. Download Episode 11 here: SuperPAC Episode 11 (32 Minutes).

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