SCE Shutting Down Multiplayer Servers for Several PSP and PS3 Titles

July 23, 2012 -

Sony Computer Entertainment will shut down some old servers that provide multiplayer for several PSP and PS3 games, the company announced this morning. SCE will start by shutting down the servers for MotorStorm Pacific Rift for the PlayStation 3, and the PSP titles MotorStorm Arctic Edge and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 on October 1.

Of course all of these games will still be available for offline play.

SCE did not have a particular reason for shutting these servers down, but we suspect that a lot of its decision making on the topic has to do with low levels of activity versus the cost of operating the servers.

Source: GII


Re: SCE Shutting Down Multiplayer Servers for Several PSP ...


the games not that old as it is, and only suffer atm because they STILL haven't made it playable on the PSV.. no really, one of the systems top games and it doesn't even work on the successor thats supposed to have a decent list. they only recently even added FTB 1...

ahh well, this is one of my big hates towards the whole middle man setup of modern online games. they can cut the MP off from the community on a moments notice making MP limited to crappy lan... i miss the old days of private dedicated servers, no "unlockables", stat tracking being server based, and only fun to be had in the game. not to mention the ability to find servers nearly 20 years later that are still populated :)


Re: SCE Shutting Down Multiplayer Servers for Several PSP ...

Is it so hard to make intelligent servers that throttle data/usage based on number of active players? Uhg...they act like bandwidth costs something....

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