Maxis GM Thanks Game Community for Support in Zynga Lawsuit

August 8, 2012 -

We missed this at the beginning of the week, but it's worth reporting on now even at the eleventh hour. Lucy Bradshaw, the General Manager for EA's Maxis Label, took to the EA Blog to offer a sincere thank-you to the gaming community for its strong level of support in the lawsuit against Zynga. Last week EA filed a lawsuit against Zynga alleging that its Facebook game The Ville blatantly copied key components from its game The Sims Social

You can read a note from Lucy Bradshaw on why they filed the lawsuit here.

The post from earlier this week mentioned how the lawsuit filed by EA "touched a nerve in the gaming community" and that the response from gamers and other developers was amazing and fast and that it made them feel that the company is "doing the right thing." You can read the entire statement from Lucy Bradshaw below:

" Last week I posted a note to explain why I felt the need to pursue legal action against Zynga for their blatant copying of The Sims Social. The complaint is now on file in United States District Court in San Francisco.

This action definitely touched a nerve in the gaming community. The response from peers within the industry, EA and Maxis employees and players of not only The Sims but all games in support of EA’s action was amazing and fast.

So here’s another post to simply say Thank You. Your kind words and emotional support add strength to my conviction that we’re doing the right thing.

On a related note, E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen picked this very subject apart in Episode 14 of the Super Podcast Action Committee.


Re: Maxis GM Thanks Game Community for Support in Zynga Lawsuit

i think PA said it best...

Re: Maxis GM Thanks Game Community for Support in Zynga Lawsuit

I think most members of the gaming community have been well aware of zynga's business of copying other games for a while now, so it comes as no surprise that this wasn't as big as it could've been. I knew this was going to happen as soon as zynga copied someone with a large enough bank account to lawyer up.


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