Mojang: Minecraft XBLA Selling 17k Copies a Day

August 8, 2012 -

Mojang has revealed that it is on its way to doubling profits over last year thanks to the Xbox Live version of Minecraft. The company tells it24 that profits have really soared this year and that it is selling over 17,000 copies of the Xbox Live version of the game every day.

"Since Mojang keeps more of the earnings from the new Minecraft versions, our turnover increases a lot this year," Mojang Managing Director Carl Manneh told it24. "Our profits will more than double. Markus' company will also make more money, though perhaps not as high a percentage as Mojang."

Last year Mojang raked in revenues of £52 million ($81.4 million USD) and profits of £5.5 million ($8.61 million USD). About £40 million ($62.62 million USD) went back into Markus Persson's company Notch Development.

Source: GII


Re: Mojang: Minecraft XBLA Selling 17k Copies a Day

I'm really happy for Notch that his game was so successful. It's really rare to see a indie game get so popular like his did. And not only get popular and go over a million sales, but have a company started over the success. Good to hear that the xbox version is also having similar success!

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