Super Podcast Action Committee – Episode 15

August 13, 2012 -

In episode 15 of the Super Podcast Action Committee, Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight talk about Harry Potter games, OUYA's Kickstarter success and pre-order, a dehydrated teen, piracy, free-to-play spending, and Nintendo and Sony's trouble getting third-party developers to love their hand-helds. Download Episode 15 here: SuperPAC Episode 15 (1 Hour, 5 Minutes).

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On a related note, thank you to everyone that listened to Episode 14! It was the most popular episode of the show since it started, with over 1500 downloads in two days. We appreciate you taking the time to be a part of the show and hope you will continue to listen and get involved.


Re: Super Podcast Action Committee – Episode 15

Hello There,

Since you guys are showcased through has it been mentioned to you to insert an ECA (Entertainment Consumers Association) advert of some sort? Be it for recruitment of new members, outstanding legislative petitions, or misc. promos.

I'll only comment regarding the Nintendo 3rd party titles support or lack thereof. This has been a perennial issue with Nintendo and Sony to an extent due to both the corporate culture and societal view of the Japanese. Yes, there may be exceptions to this rule albeit with the more popular 3rd party titles of games on their consoles respectively. Still Nintendo has been the worst offender of the two historically speaking. I'll probably be out of line in stating this, but Nintendo has been borderline snobbish with 3rd party game developers.

So I guess years upon years they could get away with this sort of behavior unchecked. However now with the Mobile market as you guys mentioned Indie developers are flocking to this platform instead. No need to pull their collective hair out dealing with the corporate neurotic behavior at Nintendo and a lesser extent Sony. Sony may have gotten better after so many of their heads rolled when they first launched the PS3 at the $500 US price point years ago.

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