EA: Origin Coming to Mac, Other Platforms

August 14, 2012 -

Peter Moore announced at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany today that the company will be bringing its digital distribution service Origin to the Mac and several other platforms. Moore also claimed that over 21 million people were now using EA's service. Of course, if you play an EA game it is mandatory that you use Origin, which certainly drives up user numbers.

Moore also said that, in addition to Origin coming to the Mac, it will also be made available on Android, Facebook, and smart TVs. We are going to assume that some of the platforms will be more for managing your Origin account and not actually using it to play games...

EA also announced that some of the new features coming to Origin soon include achievements, challenges, an updated user interface, access to live videos, and other features to be announced.

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Re: EA: Origin Coming to Mac, Other Platforms

The 21 Million users number is scewed even more than a lot of people point out. All of EA's previously registered users were converted to Origin accounts. So even those who havn't used their account since Spore first launched, are now Origin accounts, and counted towards that number.

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Re: EA: Origin Coming to Mac, Other Platforms

Remember when EA said Origin wasn't designed to compete with Steam?

Good times.

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