Ireland Wants Minimum Broadband Speeds of 30Mbps

August 31, 2012 -

While America continues to flounder when it comes to broadband connection speeds, politicians in Ireland are doing everything they can to make things better for its citizens. According to this Ars Technica report, Ireland's Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte has outlined a new broadband plan for Ireland that calls for a "minimum of 30Mbps for every remaining home and business in the country—no matter how rural or remote."

He also says that the half of the country that lives in urban or suburban areas should have speeds of 70Mbps to 100Mbps, while those in more rural settings should have at least 40Mbps. Finally he says that the bare minimum speed in Ireland should be 30Mbps.

His recommendations are part of the European Union’s Digital Agenda for Europe, which requires member states to publish national broadband plans by the end of the year. The goal is to bring a minimum level of 30Mbps service to all citizens by 2020 and bring speeds of 100Mbps to half of the EU’s households by the same date.

The Irish government is prepared to spend €175 million ($219 million) to support expanding broadband infrastructure in the country.

Source: Ars Technica



Re: Ireland Wants Minimum Broadband Speeds of 30Mbps

jedithefreak: I think that the companies should pay for it, since they're rich already, and if they don't do it, be fined for it. I'm not one for more Government regulation and the like, but I think it's sad that the U.S. isn't doing something like this. Like when I was with AT&T, I was paying for 6Mbps but only receiving 3Mbps. But since I'm with Road Runner now, I'm paying for 10Mbps and receiving 10Mbps. Still way behind the norm on most of the Western Countries though, and I blame the Companies being the greedy pricks they are and not wanting to spend money to upgrade their infrastructure, when iirc in reality, it would end up being cheaper.

Re: Ireland Wants Minimum Broadband Speeds of 30Mbps

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Andrew Eisen

Re: Ireland Wants Minimum Broadband Speeds of 30Mbps

Oops, I'm kinda new to the comments section, took me a couple of minutes to find the reply button. Sorry 'bout that!

Re: Ireland Wants Minimum Broadband Speeds of 30Mbps

Two words: Quarterly projections.

If it doesn't turn a profit by next quarter, it doesn't happen or investors start to jump ship.


"Paste superficially profound, but utterly meaningless quotation here."

Re: Ireland Wants Minimum Broadband Speeds of 30Mbps

I'm wondering how it's going to be paid for.  You know, since Ireland's got no money.

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