GaymerCon Raises over $91K for GLBT Gaming Event

September 1, 2012 -

The Kickstarter for GaymerCon closed, raising $91,389 from 1,531 backers. When organizers launched the crowd funding appeal they were looking to raise right around $25,000. Thanks to the generous support of the gaming community, North America will see its first GLBT gaming event ever August 3 - 4, 2013 in San Francisco. Details on the venue will be revealed at a later date.

For future updates on GaymerCon, check out the group's Facebook page and on Twitter @GaymerCon. Or you could just stop by

On a related note, if you are at PAX this weekend you might just run into the guys behind the event wandering around the show floor...


Re: GaymerCon Raises over $91K for GLBT Gaming Event

One thing I'm really looking forward to is the cosplay

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