Fans Fight to Save City of Heroes

September 4, 2012 -

Yesterday we reported that NCsoft was closing its Paragon Studio and shutting down its Super Hero MMO City of Heroes. Fans of the game, who are obviously not happy with the news, have decided to launch an online petition to protest the move. City of heroes Player Meggan Russell put together a petition. She says in the text of the petition that the community and the game's developers want the game to continue on as it has been:

"The only ones that seem to want to have City of Heroes shut down is NCsoft themselves," Meggan writes. "The community isn't ready for this, and neither is the development team; who is getting shoved out into the cold. City of Heroes is not responsible for the loss in NCsoft profits-other games are."

You can find the petition here. The petition currently has almost 11,000 signatures. City of Heroes fans have also opened two Facebook pages dedicated to saving the game Save our City of Heroes and City of Heroes Can Not Leave.

Source: Gamenguide


Re: Fans Fight to Save City of Heroes

Simple put out the code with legalize to state it can only be used for non profit/revenue generation. Then bide your time till you can afford lawyers :P

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




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