Democrats Add Internet Freedom to Party Platform

September 5, 2012 -

Like Republicans last week at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, Democrats are adding a new set of ideas to their national platform as they kick off their own convention this week in Charlotte, North Carolina: Internet Freedom. Of course, neither Democrats or Republicans believe in real Internet Freedom (you know, just leaving the Internet the way it is and not trying to regulate it).

The new language in their national platform calls for an Internet that is "secure and reliable and that is respectful of U.S. intellectual property, [the] free flow of information, and privacy."

This is probably not the best storing of phrases to put in your platform. Democrats avoid talking about net neutrality, even though they support it, but they do mention that they support the current 'multistakeholder' method used for Internet governance and oppose any new governmental controls over the Internet. They also mention that cybersecurity measures are needed to fight against hackers and other online criminals.

You can read the Democrats' platform here, and compare it to what the Republicans support here.

Source: Computer World


Re: Democrats Add Internet Freedom to Party Platform

It means at&t and NBComcast gets to screw over people more.

Re: Democrats Add Internet Freedom to Party Platform

A shame it translates to more restrictions for us and less restrictions for IP owners...

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




Re: Democrats Add Internet Freedom to Party Platform

Meh, both parties, when they talk about 'internet freedom', really mean 'freedom for some'... and neither really intend freedom for actual users.

Re: Democrats Add Internet Freedom to Party Platform

Isn't the free flow of information kind of at odds with privacy and intellectual property?  You can't just be "for" all of them.  The whole issue is finding the right balance between them.  This is just a heap of buzzwords.

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