Rising Star Bundle Supports Get Well Gamers

September 21, 2012 -

Indie Game Developers have teamed up for the Rising Star Indie Bundle, which offers five indie games for whatever you are willing to pay for them. More importantly, half the sales from this bundle will go to the Get-Well Gamers Foundation.

Games included in the bundle are SickBrick - a sci-fi themed first-person shooter from Magrathean Technologies, Gremlin Invasion: Survivor - a top down arcade shooter from CS Squared Games that offers co-op play, Rainbow Ball - a breakout style arcade game from Podunk Studioz, Music Island - a rhythm game with adventure elements from Thunderfish Entertainment, and Chronicles of Veltron - a retro-inspired RPG that pokes fun at various RPG tropes from MM Games.

"I really like what the foundation is doing and I wanted to in some way help them keep doing it," said Dusty Ryan, President, Podunk Studioz, makers of Rainbow Ball. "I was drawn to their mission on account of all the time I spent in hospitals between my own health problems growing up and those of my late mother. My hope is that the bundle we've put together thanks to fantastic generosity of my fellow developers will entice gamers to put their money behind an excellent cause."

Get-Well Gamers Foundation is a California-based 501(c) (3)-certified public charity that buys and collects electronic entertainment (games, consoles, etc.) for children's hospitals to help entertain and provide pain management to sick children. The organization has been doing its good work since 2001. The foundation supports a network of more than 140 hospitals and treatment facilities in North America and Canada.

You can find the bundle here. If you think it's a good deal, share it with your friends and help out Get Well Gamers.


Re: Rising Star Bundle Supports Get Well Gamers

They could really really benefit from a web designer and someone with some presentation skills. The website is awful.

Re: Rising Star Bundle Supports Get Well Gamers

I wonder if that has anything to do with the funds raised = 0.  No one buying or the counter not updating?


Andrew Eisen

Re: Rising Star Bundle Supports Get Well Gamers

Try to buy it. You will see pretty quickly why it's still only at $8. Even trying to place an order is tedious and annoying.

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