Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 22

October 1, 2012 -

In Episode 22 hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight laugh at the ridiculousness of fan requests to give the ladies of Dead or Alive 5 bigger breasts, discuss region locking consoles, and talk about cable providers who are considering more game-related services. This episode will chafe you more than an iron thong on a female fighter who can't stand up straight because some Japanese guy gave her an unneeded mega boob job... Someone call a chiropractor! Download it now: SuperPAC Episode 22 (58 minutes).

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Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 22

@EXK: Your comment about cheaper price is the exact reason why Persona 4 Arena is region locked, even though the game plays against people across all reasons.  The Dollar is weaker to the Yen, and the US version is about 70% the cost of the Japanese version.  That was Atlus' primary concern.

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 22

As I said before, your inability to profit due to market pressure is not my problem. If I want to get the cheaper version of the game, I will get the cheaper version of the game. Whether that is importing from a cheaper region, waiting a year and buying it discounted, buying second hand or pirating. 

However, those who import from a cheaper region are a far smaller subsection of the gaming populace than the rest.  

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 22

The only PS3 game (so far as I know) that felt that was a big enough problem to do so.  As such, I sincerely doubt it would have been that big of a problem.  I'm sure a few in Japan would have been willing to wait a few weeks (came out in NA about 2 weeks after Japan + overseas shipping time) and put up with English text to catch a break on the price (these same people are probably willing to mod their consoles anyway, making region locking further pointless) but was it enough to make region locking the title worth the fan rage and the loss of sales in EU and AU (yes, I'm aware there's supposed to be an EU release at some point)?

And if it was that big of a problem, Atlus could have removed the Japanese text option from the NA version.  That alone would likely have stopped the few who would have otherwise imported it.  (I'm assuming this 70% price difference is only the weak dollar and not Atlus screwing Japan on the price.  That might change things a bit).


Andrew Eisen

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