New Book Promotes Game Mechanics as Best Model for an Efficient Workplace

October 3, 2012 -

A new book written by an executive for other executives uses gaming as a way to make workplace teams stronger. The new book is called "ENTERPRISE GAMES: Using Game Mechanics to Build a Better Business" (O'Reilly Media, October 20212), and is written by Michael Hugos. According to the PR for the book, which you can find on Amazon, managers and executives can learn better ways to manage teams from virtual worlds and the type of behavior needed to survive in them.

Hugos attempts to show how game mechanics - particularly those found in popular multiplayer games - can provide "field-tested best practices" for engaging workers in creative and complex activities. Using the game-related models presented in the book, companies can shift from an "outmoded top-down hierarchy to an agile network structure that promotes coordination over control."

Here are some of the bullet points:

-- Discover why industrial age business structures from the 20th century no longer work
-- Design real-time business collaboration systems, using massively multiplayer online game concepts
-- Make your in-house systems more agile with technologies such as social media, mobile devices, and cloud computing
-- Understand game dynamics: goals, rules, real-time feedback, and voluntary participation
-- Apply virtual worlds and 3-D animation to business intelligence and data analytics applications

Find out more about the book here.


Re: New Book Promotes Game Mechanics as Best Model for an ...

Apparently, the game in question is "Buzzword Bingo".

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