Justice Sandra Day O’Connor's iCivics Partners With EverFi

October 10, 2012 -

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor's online educational video game site iCivics has partnered with educational technology company EverFi to create a new initiative called Commons – Digital Town Square. Available for free to all K-12 schools, Commons – Digital Town Square hopes to provide educational gaming with social components, testing, simulation-based gameplay, animations and pre- and post-assessments for students.

Social components include virtual classrooms that allow students within the program to interact and collaborate on projects, the ability to create social circles of varying degrees and sizes, and public rewards like badges and avatars that highlight a student's achievements.

Of course the end goal is to teach children of various age groups more about the importance of civics, community, and the importance of engaging in society as an American Citizen.

You can learn more about it on MindShift.

Source: MindShift

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