iOS Game Pays Homage to Fallen Foxconn Workers

October 11, 2012 -

A new game called In a Permanent Save State is set to release on Friday (October 12) on iTunes. The makers of the game hope to bring attention to the fact that several workers at China's Foxconn plants committed suicide and that their lives were inexplicably affected negatively by the Western demand for hi-tech gadgets like iPhones and Foxconn's drive to use workers to meet quotas - at any cost. The game will be released in conjunction with a downtown art exhibition in Reno, Nevada and a live orchestrated play through of the game, according to Benjamin Poynter. He describes the game as the following:

"In a Permanent Save State is a game which chronicles the afterlives of seven of the 19 laborers who have committed suicide while assembling the gaming devices we have come to love and adhere. It serves as a memorial and return of the Western Dream back to the East from where the ideal of spectacle of home entertainment is possible. Utilizing common gaming motif in the context of traditional Chinese afterlife, light and meaning is shed through documentation of the available media on the seven deaths. This comes as a more cerebral look into the existentialism behind 'how phones are made' in wake of a previous excursion into the material with indie game Phone Story."

Look for the game on iOS devices tomorrow. In the meantime check out the video to your left to learn and see more about this game. Thanks to Benjamin Poynter for sending this in to us.


Re: iOS Game Pays Homage to Fallen Foxconn Workers

I do hope Unions come to China someday.

I may despise what the Unions have become today, but when they were founded, they saved lives and improved working conditions.

I may be crazy, but I am not insane.

Re: iOS Game Pays Homage to Fallen Foxconn Workers

Removed from the store by apple in 3... 2... 1...

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