Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 24

October 15, 2012 -

It is shocking just how many gamers have at least one or two games lying around that they haven't finished or haven't played. In episode 24 of the Super Podcast Action Committee Andrew and EZK spend a fair amount of time talking about that topic and revealing the results of the latest GamePolitics poll. They also dissect the latest lawsuits including one against Turbine Entertainment and a settlement agreement between Spry Fox and 6Waves over some unauthorized cloning of a popular iOS app. FX Network's Archer also gets an honorable mention.. Download it now: SuperPAC Episode 24 (1 hour).

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Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 24

While you have netflix, YOU NEED TO WATCH BATTLE ROYALE!!!  It makes The Hunger Games look like a cakewalk, and it's a great film for this time of year.

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 24

Haven't seen or read the Hunger Games.  No interest.  But I have been looking forward to seeing Battle Royal for years and years.  Looking forward to finally seeing it.  Read the manga.  Not great but still a lot of fun.


Andrew Eisen

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