ReConstitution 2012: A Bullsh*t Detector for the Presidential Debates

October 16, 2012 -

While we would be hard pressed to attest to the validity or effectiveness of the ReConstitution 2012 interactive web app, we do find it more than a little amusing - mostly because of the way its creators describe it.

Built by The Creators Project's digital arts and tech studio Sosolimited, the web app is described as a real-time "bullsh*t detector" for the 2012 presidential debates. According to Sosolimited, ReConstitution 2012 takes text from the debate—word by word in real-time and offers psychoanalysis of what the moderator and candidates are saying. They do this using "some 'science,' a line or two of JavaScript, and a heavy dose of CSPAN-2."

While the idea of being able to tell who is lying and who is telling the truth is a very appealing thing, we leave it to you to decide if ReConstitution 2012 does what it claims it can do. You can find out more at or watch the video to your left for more background on what went into making the app.


Re: ReConstitution 2012: A Bullsh*t Detector for the ...

I call bullshit on this bullshit detector.

Re: ReConstitution 2012: A Bullsh*t Detector for the ...

The market in political bullshit detectors is a fool's market, since the damn things would be going off all the time.

Re: ReConstitution 2012: A Bullsh*t Detector for the ...

A true bullshit detector should go off every time a politician speaks. It's not that hard of a device to make. Most people have it built in. If their mouths are moving, it's bullshit.

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