Star Citizen Exceeds Kickstarter Funding Goal

October 24, 2012 -

Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts must be a happy camper this week as his Kickstarter campaign for Star Citizen cruises past its target goal of $500,000 with 26 days left before it even hits its deadline. Currently the new space simulation game from Roberts has raised $544,293 from 11,974 backers. In addition to sailing past the required milestone on Kickstarter, Roberts has found great success on his official web site where he has raised a whopping $1.3 million from fans all around the world - with the goal of raising $2 million...

We do not know if Roberts is planning on putting up any stretch goal plans on Kickstarter, but if he does, we'll let you know. You can find out more about this new game at Interestingly, it wasn't all that long ago when Chris Roberts told the fine folks at Develop that he wasn't a fan of the whole Kickstarter model. No doubt he has a different opinion now...

Source: Develop


Re: Star Citizen Exceeds Kickstarter Funding Goal

Should cut further funds on Kickstarter and send them to the main site so it meets its goal... I kinda want this game made [INSERT ANY NUMBER OF EXCLAIMATION MARKS HERE]

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