WBIE Lays Off Some Staff at Turbine Games

October 25, 2012 -

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) has laid off an undisclosed number of employees at its Turbine Games studio in Boston, Massachusetts. The company laid off these employees even as it hired several veteran game developers including designer Ken Rolston (who was previously working for Big Huge Games- a company owned by 38 Studios.)

"As part of the continual review of our business operations and fluctuating market conditions, we have had to make reductions in our Turbine workforce," a representative told GamesIndustry International. "The group continues to remain an integral part of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment."

Turbine Games develops and operates several high profile massively multiplayer online games including The Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Asheron's Call. WBIE acquired the company in 2010.

Update: We corrected part of the Story about Asheron's call 2 still being in operation (it's not) and that ALL of its current games are free-to-play (AC is pay-to-play).


Source: GamesIndustry International


Re: WBIE Lays Off Some Staff at Turbine Games

Little bit of inaccuracy, Asheron's Call 2 isn't run anymore as it was shutdown 7 years ago.  In addition AC1 is still Pay-To-Play.  Fact-checks are appreciated prior to reposting :p

Re: WBIE Lays Off Some Staff at Turbine Games

I wonder if this has anything to do with the Young Justice video game they are trying to push out next year?


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