Wii U Will Have Day 1 System Update

November 7, 2012 -

Looking forward to playing around with Wii U's online features?

Well, you're going to have to perform a system update first.

According to IGN (and confirmed in this morning's Nintendo Direct presentation), online features like Miiverse, Wii U Chat, Nintendo TVii and the system's eShop will be enabled with a Day 1 system update.

So far, nothing we've heard indicates that the update is needed to play games so you should be able to get your Mario on as quickly as you can hook the console up to your TV.

While we're on the subject of Wii U, IGN has also detailed the process of moving your Wii saves, Virtual Console and Wii Ware games to the Wii U.  Get this: both consoles have to be running and connected to a broadband network at the same time.  You'll either have to use two TVs or hook the consoles up to separate inputs on a single screen.  Once they're both hooked up and online, you then transfer the Wii's contents over to the Wii U on a 512MB or higher SD card.

That's not asking too much, is it?

Source: IGN

[Disclosure: I freelance for IGN]

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen


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Re: Wii U Will Have Day 1 System Update

RE: Day 1 system update:

The manufacturing specs and initial firmware were sent to manufacturers months ago, so they could make the millions of consoles they want for launch. The developers at Nintendo have used that time to continue fixing bugs, adding features, and improving the system. Why this surprises anyone really boggles me.

I would be far more concerned if they had spent the time doing nothing.


RE: Needing 2 consoles online at the same time to transfer the data:

No. it's not asking too much. Go take a look at all the Wii piracy sites and you will see why nintendo is doing this. I am predicting this "system to system" copy will also require you to have your Wii updated to the latest firmware.... no surprise.... for the same reason.

Re: Wii U Will Have Day 1 System Update

Okay, who wants to bet that this process can only be done once and those who own two Wii consoles are screwed?


Andrew Eisen

Re: Wii U Will Have Day 1 System Update

Owning two Wii consoles shouldn't be a problem at all.  I don't see any reason why they'd restrict people from taking VC titles from two Wii's and putting them on one Wii U.

The only restriction I see is the other way around - tying the VC titles from one Wii to multiple Wii U's.

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Re: Wii U Will Have Day 1 System Update

MIIs do not transfer and some games have locked saves that can not be moved so its very much an issue.............

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




Re: Wii U Will Have Day 1 System Update

Miis and saves can be moved from the Wii to the Wii U.


Andrew Eisen

Re: Wii U Will Have Day 1 System Update

Not only that, but - unless there's been a firmware update that removed the functionality - Mii's do transfer between consoles.  I've moved my personal Mii across five different Wii's.

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