Former Square Director Calls Square Enix Merger a 'Failure'

November 8, 2012 -

The former head of Square has some harsh words for Square Enix after the company posted a quarter of losses, saying publicly that the company seemed to have "no vision for the future." Square Enix recently posted losses of nearly 5.5 billion yen, which in turn sent its stock in a downward dive, making its market cap worth around 124 billion yen.

Suzuki pointed out on Twitter that when Square merged with Enix in 2003, the market cap was 150 billion yen.

"The Merger is a complete failure," he said on Twitter. "There is no vision for the future."

Suzuki concluded with a link to a news article that pointed out the losses and the high development costs.

The former president of Square is now a director at Sega. He served as the director of Square Enix from 2003-2005.

Source: Develop


Re: Former Square Director Calls Square Enix Merger a 'Failure'

Eh, I'd say ignoring what your customers tell you is a mighty big problem.

Re: Former Square Director Calls Square Enix Merger a 'Failure'

No that has nothing to do with anything. Making luke warm and crappy games does.

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