Xbox Live's Ridiculous Halo 4 Promotion

November 8, 2012 -

Hey kids!  Do you have absolutely nothing better to do this month than play Halo 4 every day for hours on end?

If so, Xbox Live's "Halo 4 Combat Tour Offer" might be right up your alley!

This month, you can earn Microsoft points by playing Halo 4 in multiplayer mode.


  • Play 35 or more hours, and get 100 Points, OR
  • Play 70 or more hours, and get 300 Points, OR
  • Play 140 or more hours, and get 600 Points

Remember, this promotion ends on Nov. 30 so if you're gunning for that 600 Points, you're going to have to play about 6 hours every single day for the rest of the month.

But that's not all!  Microsoft is only giving away a total of 10 million Microsoft Points so it's first-come, first-serve.  Maybe you should start playing 8 hours a day.  Or 10!  How hard would it suck to do nothing but play Halo 4 for the rest of the month and have nothing to show for it except fatigue and blistered thumbs?

By the way, most Xbox Live Arcade games are at least 800 Points.

Source: via The Escapist

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen


Re: Xbox Live's Ridiculous Halo 4 Promotion

80 msp is $1, so they can earn $1.25, $3.75, or $7.50 worth of Microsoft points. Pwnage of Empires is only 80 MSP, maybe I'll see an increase in sales :P

Re: Xbox Live's Ridiculous Halo 4 Promotion

Even if you were to idle, the electricity cost would likely offset any gain made.

Living in Canada is awesome. We enjoy the universal healthcare and gun-free environment of a European country while getting all of our games released at the same time as the US.

Re: Xbox Live's Ridiculous Halo 4 Promotion

I wonder what is stopping someone from just leaving their console on and just idling. It's not really clear if "hours" are only counted in-game and not lobbies. Then again, like with obtaining quick "Team Fortress 2" hats, it wouldn't be hard to set up an "idle" game just for the sake of getting the points granted you couldn't use your console for other things during that period (granted this could only work if you can shut the match's time limit off and go by number of kills only).

Re: Xbox Live's Ridiculous Halo 4 Promotion

Well these points values seem to be a tad out of whack with the actual time commitment required methinks.  Then again, maybe they just wanted to give the smallest push possible to encourage people to play more, because they're going to be doing that anyway.

Re: Xbox Live's Ridiculous Halo 4 Promotion

It wouldn't surprise me if a large portion already do this anyway.

What would be amusing is a promotion that rewards you more the less you play.

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