Perfect World and Unknown Worlds Sponsor Ümloud! Event in December

November 20, 2012 -

The organizers of Ümloud! announced that Unknown Worlds and Perfect World Entertainment have taken on Premiere Co-Sponsorship roles in support of this year’s event. Proceeds from the annual Rock Band competition that features both game developers and games journalists benefit the Child’s Play charity. Ümloud! will take place at San Francisco’s DNA Lounge on Thursday, December 6.

Unknown Worlds is best known as the creator of Natural Selection 2 (which recently launched on Steam), while Perfect World Entertainment publishes several high profile free-to-play MMORPGs including Neverwinter, RaiderZ, Champions Online, and Star Trek Online - as well as the wonderful Torchlight series of role-playing games from wholly-owned studio Runic Games.

"We are thrilled to share the stage with Unknown Worlds at this year’s Ümloud!," said Andrew Brown, General Manager for Perfect World Entertainment. "The gaming community has proven time and time again that it is both passionate and generous – and so we are proud to support Child’s Play in its efforts to improve the quality of life for a younger generation of gamers."

"It’s been such a phenomenal year for all of us at Unknown Worlds," commented Charlie Cleveland, Co-Founder and CEO of Unknown Worlds Entertainment. "We are immensely proud that our hard work and success with Natural Selection 2 has allowed us the opportunity to give back to the gaming community by supporting the amazing work done by Ümloud!. We can’t wait to celebrate 2012 with everyone on December 6, with a great night for a great cause."

"The amazing teams at Unknown Worlds and Perfect World Entertainment couldn’t fit the spirit of Ümloud! any better," said Joe Markert, Chief Operating Officer of Ümloud!. "Their sincerity and interest in uniting people through gaming is a reminder to all of us of what we can achieve by working – and playing – together. With their gracious sponsorship of Ümloud! 2012, the show will most definitely go on!"

Last month it was revealed that Double Fine front man Tim Schafer would serve as the 'Master of Ceremonies' for the fourth annual Ümloud! event. Advanced tickets are available at For all things Ümloud!, check out the official web site at

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