Gree Apologizes to Developers for OpenFeint Shutdown

November 23, 2012 -

Gree apologized today for how it handled the closure of OpenFeint - announced earlier this week. The company also said that it was sorry for putting developers that used the technology in a tough situation. Speaking to PocketGamer, SVP of marketing and developer relations Eros Resmini said that it had originally planned to give developers a full year to migrate to a new platform, but did not elaborate why it decided to pull the plug now. The planned shutdown was announced earlier in the year. Gree's decision to close OpenFeint on December 14th angered many developers who had made games for the platform.

"First of all, I want to personally apologies to developers that we've put in this tough situation," said Resmini. "It was a very difficult for me to hear about all the frustrations and pain this has caused the developers who've supported OpenFeint, and we're acutely aware that this is the least ideal time. We know that it is a challenge but hope developers can adjust under short notice and will be here to help them as much as possible every step of the way."

Gree hopes that developers will move their titles to its upcoming Gree platform, even though it lacks some features already available in OpenFeint. Resmini admitted that his company would have to rebuild trust with some developers due to some of the anger the decision has caused.

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Re: Gree Apologizes to Developers for OpenFeint Shutdown

And OpenFeint is what, exactly...?

Re: Gree Apologizes to Developers for OpenFeint Shutdown

A leaderboard/achievement app similar to GameCenter, only it's cross-platform. So games that have come out for both iOS and Android can show scores and achievements for players on both platforms. I don't know for sure if Gree is cross-platform, but if it isn't, then with the shut-down of OpenFeint, I don't think that there is a solution to that problem.

Re: Gree Apologizes to Developers for OpenFeint Shutdown

It was something similar to Xbox Live for iOS games before Game Center was launched by Apple.


What's the point of launching a new one over OpenFeint though?

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