Take-Two CEO: Some Third-Party Publishers Will Not Survive Jump to Next-Generation of Consoles

November 30, 2012 -

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick told attendees at the Credit Suisse 2012 Technology Conference in Scottsdale Arizona that he expects some third-party publishers to die off as they attempt to make the jump to the next console generation.

"If you're not capitalized for the transition, you can find out that you're not there for the transition," said Zelnick. "And historically, in every transition that's occurred in this business, one or two third-parties have gone out of business. Last time around it was Midway and a couple of others. Reasonable people can argue about which one it'll be this time. I have my own point of view, which I haven't exactly been quiet about. We make sure we're not on the list of casualties; to the contrary, we're on the list of winners."

A Take-Two spokesperson later pointed out that no individual companies had been named by Zelnick, but many think he was speaking about troubled third-party publisher THQ.

Source: GameSpot by way of GII


Re: Take-Two CEO: Some Third-Party Publishers Will Not ...

Didn't GP already do an article about this exact same thing 2 days before?

Re: Take-Two CEO: Some Third-Party Publishers Will Not ...

Kind of.  GP took the day off on Wednesday so I wrote that day's stories (with the exception of the one EZK wrote).  I guess he just forgot that I already wrote this one up.


Andrew Eisen

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