What If: GTA V as a LEGO Game

December 6, 2012 -

If you have ever wondered (and believe me you are not alone in your imaginings) what a Grand Theft Auto game might look like if developer Traveler's Tales ever got the opportunity to create it, then you will want to check out this video from thefourmonkeys. The video is an entry in the Machina Interactive film festival, which you can vote for right here.

The video recreates the Grand Theft Auto V trailer with surprising accuracy using LEGOs. It offers all the locations, characters, vehicles and scenes depicted in the GTA V trailer launched in late 2011.

Check it out to your left. GTA V is scheduled for a Spring 2013 release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A PC and Wii U version are "up for consideration," according to Rockstar Games...


Re: What If: GTA V as a LEGO Game

I kinda wish Lego would allow something like this. It's part of why I love the Lego games, it's fun to see an enemy exploded inot individual plastic pieces.

Re: What If: GTA V as a LEGO Game

Unfortunately it'd be too adult for LEGO to ever do anything like this. But I think a similar concept game would sell well (without all the sex).

Re: What If: GTA V as a LEGO Game

A lot of people keep calling LEGO City Undercover a GTA LEGO game.  I think they just mean the open world and ability to commandeer any vehicle though.


Andrew Eisen

Re: What If: GTA V as a LEGO Game

Yeah, I was going to suggest that game. Seems about as close to GTA as Lego would allow and close enough for people who like the concept. Sure you play a cop rather than a criminal. But is that really a big deal?

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