UKIE: Twenty-Four Percent of UK Parents Don't Check Game Ratings

December 14, 2012 -

According to new research from UK video game industry trade group UKIE, 24 percent of parents are unlikely to check the ratings of the video games they buy for their children during the holiday shopping season. UKIE says that only two out of five parents said that they buy games with a suitable age rating, while 43 percent said they checked ratings but didn't necessarily followed the PEGI guidelines.

Of the parents that said they do not check video game ratings, 24 percent said that they do not believe that video games may contain unsuitable content. The research also noted that video games are the most sought after presents this year in the UK, with 33 percent of children requesting a new game or console, compared to the next popular item - books - which came in at 29 percent. Some 53 percent of parents said they will buy a video game as a present, with 59 percent of those same parents saying they would likely play the game with their child.

"At Christmas there is a fantastic variety of games for parents to choose from, for their families to enjoy," explained UKIE CEO Dr Jo Twist. "PEGI ratings on all UK games give clear and simple guidance on the suitability of games for different age audiences and if parents need further guidance on what these ratings mean they can visit Ask About Games."

"We'd urge parents to use this really helpful tool to ensure that playing games has the biggest positive impact on their children and family as a whole this Christmas," she added.

You can check out the Ask About Games site here.

Source: Digital Spy by way of Cheater87.


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Re: UKIE: Twenty-Four Percent of UK Parents Don't Check Game ...

I bet that statistic is worse for American parents.

Re: UKIE: Twenty-Four Percent of UK Parents Don't Check Game ...

Probably not, if the ESA's reports are a valid sample:

Ninety percent of the time parents are present when games are purchased or rented. Ninety-eight percent of parents feel the Entertainment Software Rating Board rating system is helpful in choosing games for their children. Seventy-three percent of parents believe that the parental controls available in all new video game consoles are useful.

Re: UKIE: Twenty-Four Percent of UK Parents Don't Check Game ...

Additionally, The PDF report lists that 91% pay attention to the content in the games their kids play.

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