Humble Indie Bundle 7 Generates Over $1.4 Million

December 21, 2012 -

In a short amount of time, the Humble Indie Bundle 7 has already generated well over a million dollars in sales since its launch earlier in the week. The latest pay-what-you-want bundle includes The Binding of Isaac (plus Wrath of the Lamb DLC), Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot, and documentary film Indie Game: The Movie. Paying more than the average price will get you the old-school RPG Legend of Grimrock and the strategy-RPG-tower defense hybrid, Dungeon Defenders.

Also included in the bundle are the soundtracks for Legend of Grimrock, Dungeon Defenders (you have to pay more than the average price to get these two soundtracks), Closure, Indie Game: The Movie, and Shank 2. All of the games are DRM free and supported on Mac, Linux and Windows platforms.

As of this writing the Humble Indie Bundle 7 has generated $1,408,063.73 from 220,395 bundle sales, with an average price of $6.39.

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