Morning Joe Host and Republican Congressman Have Testy Exchange over Violent Video Games, Guns

December 21, 2012 -

On Friday morning's edition of Morning Joe on cable news network MSNBC Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) said that he doesn't think changes in guns laws would have stopped the Sandy Elementary School shooting last week that resulted in the death of 20 children and six adults. He also talked about violent video games, but to the congressman's credit he mentioned his own parental responsibility in keeping his son from playing "M" rated games.

He said poor parenting and violent video games are likely the cause of the shooting:

"The kind of video games you just talked about, we don’t let him play that, let’s have them Moms and Dads of Americans stand up and actually take control of our children. We’ve got a mental illness issue here. But Washington has to recognize that there’s no simple solutions, this has been going on a long time."

Later after a lengthy exchange over assault rifles, Scarborough fired back at Huelskamp for accusing him of politicizing the shooting to talk about gun control:

"I’m not going to let you say that I’m trying to politicize this," Scarborough said. "Maybe some of us believe that we have to do whatever we can, whether it’s looking at mental health, the culture of violence in video games and Hollywood, whether it’s looking at the proliferation of these weapons…We can’t at least talk about guns without you questioning my integrity?"

"Joe, you can talk about it all you want, I didn’t say it was you politicizing it and you’re not even a politician any more," Huelskamp countered.

"But you can come on this show and say we’ve got to look at violent video games and a violent culture that Hollywood promotes, and that’s not politicizing, but if we ever bring up guns, that’s politicizing the deaths of 20 children?" Scarborough said.

You can watch the exchange in the video to your left at MSNBC.


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