Jagex Spends £500k on Ad Campaign for Runescape

December 26, 2012 -

Jagex Software has decided to spend about half a million pounds on a fancy Runescape TV and marketing campaign. The marketing campaign running in theaters for the 12-year-old MMO is running during showings of The Hobbit in UK and Australian theaters. Publisher Jagex has also bought spots on TV and digital channels for a campaign that runs until January 6th. The TV campaign is being run on E4, Dave, Sky, FX, and Disney XD.

"The synergy between Runescape and The Hobbit is clear, that is a captive audience that really resonates to what we have," Runescape brand director Simon Etchells told MCV. "But we are combining that with a heavyweight TV campaign in the UK, and we've also got a big digital campaign as well, including Search and Facebook advertising. And we are also working with Wikia on relevant and applicable content."

"It's an important time of year for us. It is a seasonal high, when people are spending time at home with their family, and spending more time with Runescape," he added.

If you are in either of those regions, no doubt you'll see an ad for the game either during your favorite TV show or when you go see The Hobbit in theaters - assuming you haven't already rushed out to see the film...

Source: MCV



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