The Free Bundle Bundles Indie Games For Free

January 11, 2013 -

Are the various pay-what-you-want bundles too rich for your blood?  Well how does "free" sound?

Javier and Carlos Cabrera, the indie developers behind the cyberpunk text adventure CYPHER (yes, text adventure) have spotlighted a handful of their peers' free games and are making them available for free in a completely free bundle.

Did I mention they are free?

Why, you may ask?  Who cares?  Free games!  But if you really want to know:

"We want to give REAL indie developers a chance to show their work. It seems the definition of indie game developer has... changed over the last few years. Today, we see guys with big offices, several published games (some even by Sony or Nintendo) and ten, twenty employees call themselves indies and we slowly shake our heads. See, we feel that while these guys are small devs, they are not exactly *indies* anymore.


Bottom line is, most of us work so much through the year we usually miss these beautiful, incredible well made games, they fly under our radar for several reasons! Well, not anymore.


Some you may know, some may be absolutely new to you; that's what's fun of this bundle! Discover new games you missed for free!"

Included in the bundle are racing game Nitronic Rush, psychological horror game Ascension, action puzzle platformer Celestial Mechanica, pixel 3D (think Wolfenstein 3D) horror game Imscared, and brawler/platformer/genre mashup Abobo's Big Adventure.  UPDATE: Treasure Adventure Game has been added to the bundle.  For free!

All five games are available on Windows with Celestial Mechanica and Abobo's Big Adventure also available for Mac.  The Free Bundle does not accept donations but some of the individual developers do, so links to their sites are provided right next to the individual games' download buttons.

Head on over to The Free Bundle and support indie developers.  For free!

Souce: The Escapist

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen


Re: The Free Bundle Bundles Indie Games For Free

weird, I was just informed that the website has been reported as unsafe due to it containing links to malicious software

no longer the case

岩「…I can see why Hasselbeck's worried about fake guns killing fake people. afterall, she's a fake journalist on a fake news channel」

Re: The Free Bundle Bundles Indie Games For Free

So indie hipsters, huh?

Re: The Free Bundle Bundles Indie Games For Free

Happens periodically in every creative industry - film, music, games. Some independent creators find enough success to become notable, national tours, theatrical releases, interviews with the media, etc, and a debate begins about where exactly the line is where these creators become major brands and cease to be independent.

And during these little episodes, you sometimes start to see big definitely-not-indie brands release product that they call indie, either fudging the rules to make them technically independent or just outright lying and hoping the indie word is what carries all the appeal.

A lot of it is no-true-Scotsmaning, some of it is a misguided belief that indie means low budget, and some of it is justifiable resentment since the indie scene is frequently a springboard into the industries themselves, but when they become cluttered by borderline major brands that path is closed off.

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