Gas Powered Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign for 'Wildman'

January 14, 2013 -

Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor today launched the official Kickstarter campaign for his next big game called Wildman. Taylor and GPG are seeking $1.1 million in funding for the development of what he calls an action game that combines some of the best elements of his previous titles including Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander and Demigod. Taylor is best known for creating the ultra popular real-time strategy game Total Annihilation while at Cavedog Entertainment.

"Kickstarter and crowdfunding allows us to fundamentally change the way we develop games," said Taylor. "I’m thrilled that we are finally entering a new era of gaming, an era that allows collaboration and unprecedented levels of transparency with our customers. It allows us to work together as a team, create games more efficiently and direct our energy at the things that the players care about most."

As of this writing, the Wildman Kickstarter campaign has generated $23,135 of its $1.1 million goal from 429 backers, with 32 more days to go. You can check out the project's pitch video featuring an interview with Dave Taylor to your left.

Wildman will release for PC on or around March 2014. The game will offer single player gameplay that includes co-op multiplayer play modes. For more information on the game check out


Re: Gas Powered Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign for ...

Loved DS 1, DS 2 was iffy would have liked a no respwn mode. SC was not that bad but SC 2 was a let down. Demigod is a strange mismash of stuff.

I'd like to see a action RPG more in line with DS 1 with better level layouts and more monster respawn options.



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Re: Gas Powered Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign for ...

imo not worth supporting.  They haven't seemed very community centric in the past.  Put out some buggy products (DS1/2) then axed support for them pretty quick to move onto other projects (Supreme Commander & demigod).   He's made some cool games, but the companies past support experiences have been less than stellar for me.

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