DFC Prediction: Microsoft Will Win Current Generation in the U.S. by 2017

January 15, 2013 -

While many think that the Nintendo Wii has won the overall race in this current console cycle against Xbox 360 and PS3 in the United States, one research firm says that it will ultimately be Microsoft's console that sits at the top of the mountain. DFC Intelligence's new report predicts that more Xbox 360s will be sold in the US than Wiis by 2017. The research firm is forecasting that Xbox 360 will have sold over 46 million units in the US by 2017, while the Wii is estimated at just over 42 million. Sony's PS3 comes in at 33.5 million.

"Amazingly Microsoft didn't have to do much exaggerating as in its seventh full year on the market the Xbox 360 had a stellar performance. For its generation, the Xbox 360, not the Wii, will end up as the number one selling console system in the US," said DFC.

"Shockingly it was in the later years of its life that the Xbox 360 really took off," DFC added. "The success of Microsoft and the Xbox 360 during the past two years highlights a radical changing of the guard in the game industry. Much has been made about a steady video game sales decline in the past three years."

DFC said that Microsoft's rise to the top was helped by an acceleration of Xbox 360 sales coupled with a decline in Wii sales.

"In reality the decline has mainly been due to the aging console systems and more importantly because of Nintendo's collapse," DFC continued. "Unlike Microsoft, Nintendo has been in a major downward cycle, much of it self-inflicted. Nintendo's spin for the Wii U focused on how it made more revenue than the Wii at launch. Of course, the Wii was supply constrained at launch and sold at a lower price so that is not surprising. The reality is that many Wii U systems were sitting unsold on shelves at year end. Consumers love games more than ever but a new order of game providers is resulting in market shifts that are proving painful for Nintendo and other established game companies."

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Re: DFC Prediction: Microsoft Will Win Current Generation in ...

Does his Wii predictions include the WiiU? If not, it is not a valid comparison. Nintendo has already stopped manufacturing the Wii and with that fewer of it will be sold in the next 5 years. 

Additionally, this prediction also relies on the idea that no new Microsoft or Sony consoles will be released in the next 5 years.

Re: DFC Prediction: Microsoft Will Win Current Generation in ...

I would believe this if it weren't for the PS3 numbers.  Mr. Coffey predicts he will be wrong.

"If it cannot break out of its' shell, the chick will die without being born... If we don't crack the world's shell, we'll die without being born. Smash the world's shell. For the Revolution of the world!"

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