NRA Practice Range Ratings Changed to 12+ by Apple

January 16, 2013 -

When the NRA-branded iOS app NRA: Practice Range launched earlier this week (nearly on the one month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting that took place in Newtown Connecticut on December 14, 2012) it carried a rating of ages 4+.

Well it looks like Apple has reviewed the rating (no doubt after the game gained national attention by the mainstream media and some harsh criticism from several high profile politicians) and deemed that it was just too low. The game now carries a rating of ages 12+, meaning that your young children are no longer able to play the app for free. Apple's ratings descriptor for the game says that it contains "Frequent/Intense Realistic Violence." That descriptor is debatable given that the "realistic simulation" only contains target shooting.

You can learn more about the game here.


Re: NRA Practice Range Ratings Changed to 12+ by Apple

I find this to be more infuriating than the app itself. To claim that this is in some way harmful or not acceptable for anyone under 12 is incredibly stupid. A game like this, if rated by the ESRB, would have received a rating of no higher than an E.

Re: NRA Practice Range Ratings Changed to 12+ by Apple

One of the reason why I am against age descriptor (yes, for sex and violence too) and would rather see descriptors of in-game occurrence (guns, drugs, sex, fear, etc. and perhaps a frequency indicator as well for all of those.)

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