iD Tech Camps Add Portal 2, Minecraft to Summer Programs

January 31, 2013 -

iD Tech Camps announced today that it is adding two video games as educational tools for students ages 7 - 18 years old as part of this year's summer camps. iD Tech Camps is a summer program that teaches the fundamentals of STEM  - science, technology, engineering and math - to children in a fun and engaging way.

The programs will help students learn how to design their own video games and create apps for iPhone and Android devices, alongside other technology focused creations they can build. For its 2013 Camp season, iD Tech Camps will feature three new courses that use Minecraft. There will also be courses that use Portal 2, Trackmania and Shootmania: Storm.

"The way students learn is changing," said iD Tech Camps CEO Pete Ingram-Cauchi in a prepared statement. "We have to offer them the opportunity to experience subjects applicable to future careers, while providing tools to problem-solve, create, work in teams, and use critical thinking skills."

Source: Polygon


Re: iD Tech Camps Add Portal 2, Minecraft to Summer Programs

Having spent a couple of years working at these camps when I was in college, I can say that they are overpriced and absolutely worthless. The kids don't really learn anything. It's really nothing more than an extremely expensive baby sitting service.

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