13 Motorola Claims Tossed Out in Ongoing Patent Case Against Microsoft

February 8, 2013 -

Google’s Motorola Mobility division was dealt a serious blow in its ongoing legal battle with Microsoft over patents after a judge ruled that 13 of the patent claims it had asserted against the Windows and Xbox maker were not valid.

On Thursday in Seattle, U.S. District Judge James Robart issued an order invalidating 13 claims tied to three Motorola patents against Microsoft. The three patents include technology related to digital video encoding and decoding. While Robart ruled that some of the company's claims were legitimate, he also noted that 13 were not specific enough to be used in this case.

Judge Robart granted Microsoft’s motion for partial summary judgment, and threw out the 13 claims.

Foss Patents has an in-depth analysis of the decision, the patents in question, and where the case might go next right here.

Source: AllThingsD


Re: 13 Motorola Claims Tossed Out in Ongoing Patent Case ...

Again, you cite Mueller, so I will once again point out that he is a shill who pumps out FUD for Microsoft and Oracle, among others. He is also, as one might expect, frequently wrong. Please reflect on his confident proclamations that Oracle would win billions from Google with their anti-Android lawsuit before taking his points seriously.

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