EA Launches Origin Client for Mac

February 8, 2013 -

Mike Blank, EA's Vice President, Production, Design, and Engineering for Origin, announced on EA's Blog the official launch of the Mac OS X client for its digital distribution platform. The OS X version of Origin offers dual-platform play for select EA games (that are available on both PC and Mac) for those gamers that use both platforms.

"Today I’m proud to announce the official launch of Origin for Mac. Our vision with Origin is to connect your gaming universe online, and today we're taking a major step in expanding our service to reach Mac-based gamers worldwide. Now Mac gamers can enjoy many of the same features that have defined Origin for PC users: including cloud storage to save and continue games, social connectivity via friends list, and more."

Some of the games available for Mac gamers today via Origin include Dragon Age 2, Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition, LEGO Harry Potter, and The Sims 3.

You can download Origin for Mac at www.origin.com/download.


Re: EA Launches Origin Client for Mac

Interestingly EA seem to have signed a deal with Feral Games, so theres a few non-EA titles on there which Steam wont have. 

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