Chris Roberts' Star Citizen Crowd Funding Campaign Raises over $8 Million

February 15, 2013 -

Chris Roberts' Star Citizen has surpassed the $8 million dollar funding mark from several sources including over $2.1 million on Kickstarter alone. That milestone is leaps and bounds above the original pitch for $500,000. The PC based space sim from the man behind Wing Commander, Privateer and Freelancer continues to break new ground for a crowd funded game, raising more than a half million dollars in February alone. The rest of the money - from a funding drive on the web site for Roberts Space Industries has raised $6,238,563 in funding as of this writing.

"The amount of support we are seeing from our fans is nothing short of amazing," said Chris Roberts, CEO and creative director at Cloud Imperium Games. "Our backers are totally connecting with the development team and it just gets them so excited to come in to the office every day and work to make the next great space sim."

"Star Citizen will breathe new life into PC Games and the space sim genre and we encourage anyone out there who hasn’t registered for the game to visit our web site and join the great community that we engage with daily while pursuing our goal of creating the best space sim on the market."

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Re: Chris Roberts' Star Citizen Crowd Funding Campaign ...

But you know, according to the folks at EA, and other companies the Space sim Genre is long gone, dead, and no longer wanted..... Often the same for PC gaming in general despite attempts to kill it via terrible ports and worthless support for the platform.

I love how its even pointed out in the trailers opening :)

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