Fox News Highlights 'The Tyranny of King Washington' AC III DLC, Mount Vernon Estate Curators 'Have No Problem' With It

February 20, 2013 -

A report points out the release of the Assassin's Creed III DLC, The Tyranny of King Washington, a day after President's Day by a "French company" (thanks jccalhoun). The DLC released on Tuesday is an alternate storyline where General George Washington accepts the post of "King" and ultimately becomes a tyrant. In reality the Continental Congress at the time did want George Washington to accept the position of "King" or "Emperor" but our first American President declined the offer. He was also the first politician in the U.S. to understand the benefits of having term limits and declined a chance to run for a third term.

But the interesting part of the story is that Fox News spoke with curators at George Washington's Mount Vernon estate, who noted that the story line represents a "fictionalized scenario involving George Washington," and said that they have no problem with the game. They did express their hope that the DLC provides some historical context on what President Washington did to help establish a process of transferring power peacefully.

"Unlike other historic military figures, Washington admirably stepped away from power and returned to private life," Mount Vernon spokeswoman Melissa Wood said in a statement to "George Washington set the precedent for this democracy’s peaceful transition of power. Mount Vernon hopes that this game will give its players some perspective on this important accomplishment, which is often overlooked."

You can read the Fox News report here.



Re: Fox News Highlights 'The Tyranny of King Washington' AC ...

Well, "What if he hadn't stepped down?" seems like a pretty interesting perspective to explore.  I'm impressed that the estate people didn't take Fox's bait, though.  Good on them.

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