Weston Connecticut School Goes into Lockdown After Bomb Threat

February 27, 2013 -

A Connecticut high school went into lockdown mode this afternoon after a threatening note was discovered in a hallway, the Weston Forum reports. Weston High school, which is located in the southern part of the state and not too far from Newtown, was locked down after a note was found threatening specific members of the school staff and students.

Police would not elaborate further on what the note contained. After students and staff at the school were evacuated the Connecticut State police did a bomb sweep of the school and no cars were allowed into the facility's parking lot.

No further details on this story have become available, but the good news is no one was hurt and police responded quickly to the situation.

Who planted the note and made the threats is unknown at this time and no guns were found. The school went into lockdown in the early afternoon and police wrapped up their activities there by 3:30 PM after they found that there were no explosives devices or other dangers at the school.

In light of the threat, after school activities were canceled. The rest of the schools in the district were not affected.

Police did not disclose any further details on the case.

The local and state police took extra precautions because of the heightened awareness created by the tragedy in nearby Newtown. That sense of heightened sensitivity is occurring in all of America, for example an incident at a Troy, New York school saw the school go into lockdown after two students brought a paintball gun and a pellet gun to school.

Not every incident in schools throughout the country can be laid at the feet of violent media, or even easy access to guns. At some point lawmakers and the public have to address the elephant in the room: behavioral problems/mental illness and sometimes a simple lack of good parenting. The incident at the Troy, New York school has led to the two boys involved facing charges for their actions and the parent of one boy made her son get on television and apologize to the community for his actions…

(Full Disclosure: Normally we would not report on an incident at a high school, but this particular school has personal meaning to us: Weston is (give or take) 20 miles slightly southeast of Newtown, Connecticut and borders Wilton, Connecticut which is where GP parent company the Entertainment Consumers Association's office are located. In other words, when events like this happen they affect us and communities that have been deeply affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.)

Source: Weston Forum


Re: Weston Connecticut School Goes into Lockdown After Bomb ...

I remember in High School someone posted a threat on a bathroom wall.


The Principle first did not want to evacuate because the note specified the next day and he did not want to upset the students. The Police Chief told him that was a bad idea (quite politely) and the principle evacuated the school, then sent the students home (from another location). I was in English class when the evac order was given. Most of us did not have out jackets and it was snowing (just flurries but still). We walked 10 blocks to the old school location, where we waited for our parents to pick us up. The police waited 6 hours for the Bomb dogs to get to our town, it was past midnight when the police finished.


The emotion I felt the most that day was offense that someone would threaten my home (I considered my school a second home), my friends. The offense I felt was great. In my soul, I defend. I always look-up to those who stand in defense of others. I also like the Gurkha soldiers.smiley

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