NPD: Used Games Sales Outpace Full Digital Sales, New Retail Sales Beat Both

March 6, 2013 -

New data gathered by NPD Group offers some insight on how core gamers feel about digital distribution and the purchase of used games. The data comes from a new survey the retail research firm conducted. According to the results of that survey, core gamers have embraced digital distribution, but downloading full game titles has not yet outpaced second-hand game purchases. The NPD survey found that 78 percent of core gamers said that they frequently purchase used games, compared to 70 percent who reported buying full digital games regularly. The NPD also found 88 percent of respondents said that they regularly buy new physical copies of games at retail.

During the holiday quarter core gamers spent an average of $129 on new physical games, according to the NPD. Neither used sales nor digital purchases of full games came close to that amount, with gamers spending less than half that on the often thriftier options.

The survey also found that 10 percent of core gamers said their spending on games decreased in the past year compared to those who saw their expenditures rise.

"Digital purchasing among core gamers has plenty of room to grow," said NPD analyst Liam Callahan in a statement. "While many core gamers indicate they are purchasing full games and digital add-on content frequently, there are those that stated they have never purchased digital content."

Source: GII

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Re: NPD: Used Games Sales Outpace Full Digital Sales, New ...

Seems these days you're not a 'Core Gamer' unless your playing Call of Duty 15 hours a day on a 360, screaming obscenities into a Bluetooth Headset and calling out to your mother to bring you more hot pockets.

Re: NPD: Used Games Sales Outpace Full Digital Sales, New ...

I am still upset that I am not considered a "core gamer" since I have only spent about 40 hours over the last few weeks playing games on my Linux PC and Wii.

Re: NPD: Used Games Sales Outpace Full Digital Sales, New ...

I would like to see how the data would look if it only reflected the buying habits of PC gamers.

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