Islamic Mali Takes Virtual Fight to French Forces

March 13, 2013 -

A new game created by people that could best be described as pro al-Qaeda and wholeheartedly against the West have developed a game riddled with propaganda called Islamic Mali. The game lets players engage in aerial dogfights in the name of al-Qaeda against French forces. The game is fairly straightforward, simple and is played in top-down perspective.

It was made using HTML5. The point of the game - we assume - is to highlight the very real conflict in Mali between French forces and local rebels who have been the entrenched jihadi soldiers in the region. Of course, being pro al-Qaeda you can guess that the game offers all kinds of anti-Western messages and pro radical Islamic messages.

If you dare to, you can play the game here. It was first uncovered by

Source: Kotaku



Re: Islamic Mali Takes Virtual Fight to French Forces

I find it kinda interesting that games like that are described as propaganda, but we (as a community) tend to get kinda butthurt when other places describe our US centric games like that.

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