House Subcommittee Schedules One-Sided Oversight Hearing on Media Violence Next Week

March 15, 2013 -

On March 19 the House Appropriations Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Subcommittee will hold an oversight hearing on the National Science Foundation and Youth Violence Research report. You may recall back in February that this same subcommittee headed up by Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Virginia) released a report from the NSF advisory committee (PDF) about Youth Violence that identified violence media as one of three major risk factors in mass shootings. One of the advisors that contributed to that report was Professor Brad Bushman, whose research is almost always skewed towards finding a link between media consumption and real world violence.

Unfortunately Chairman Wolf is trying to make this hearing as one -sided as he possibly can. The hearing will have two panels and two witnesses - both who will present evidence that violent media has some sort of connection to real-world violent acts. Wolf is handling this hearing the way other lawmakers tried to handle SOPA and PIPA; by presenting only one perspective. Clearly there's mountains of research that disputes Bushman's claim that video games and other media are a bad influence on America's youth. Here's the Witness list:

 Panel 1:
 The Honorable Subra Suresh
 National Science Foundation

Panel 2:
 Dr. Brad J. Bushman
 Ohio State University
 Youth Violence Research

So who else is on this subcommittee? Here's a list:

•Frank Wolf, Virginia, Chairman
•John Culberson, Texas
•Robert Aderholt, Alabama
•Jo Bonner, Alabama
•Tom Graves, Georgia
•Tom Rooney, Florida
•Andy Harris, MD, Maryland

•Chaka Fattah, Pennsylvania, Ranking Member
•Adam Schiff, California
•Mike Honda, California
•José Serrano, New York

You can let Rep. Wolf know your opinions on this one-sided hearing he has planned for next week by dropping him a note via his Congressional page contact form, on Twitter and on his Facebook page. You can also let him and other subcommittee members know that there should be a third or fourth panel featuring experts that have contrary opinions to Brad Bushman's.

Source: BroadcastingCable. Thanks to BearDogg-X for the tip.


Re: House Subcommittee Schedules One-Sided Oversight Hearing ...

Looks old enough to be someone's great grandfather.  Time for some fresh meat to run through the ol' wringer.

- Left4Dead Why are zombies always eating brains? I want to see zombies that eat toes for a living. Undead-related pun intended.

Re: House Subcommittee Schedules One-Sided Oversight Hearing ...

Wow, this guy is a piece of work.

The National Rifle Association gives him a A- and the American Civil Liberties Union gives him a 0%. Some other rankings include 0% from Clean Air Flow Energy, 100% from National Right to Life, 0% from the Human Rights Coalition, 17% from the National Educational Association, 5% from the League of Conservation Voters, 92% from the United States Border Control and 10% by the Alliance for Retired Americans.




Re: House Subcommittee Schedules One-Sided Oversight Hearing ...

Well, he clearly makes no attempt to hide his leanings, whether political or otherwise.

Papa Midnight

Re: House Subcommittee Schedules One-Sided Oversight Hearing ...

Heres my question. What would this one sided meeting accomplish? Its not about signing anything into law. Its just a bit of fire stoking but its not public. So to anybody here who knows more about politics, what would this accomplish? 

Re: House Subcommittee Schedules One-Sided Oversight Hearing ...

They can later refer to it and use sentences like "As it was clearly established in the meeting of..." It's a setup, the other shoe drops later.

Re: House Subcommittee Schedules One-Sided Oversight Hearing ...

Politician using miss information, paranoia, and fear to promote themselves, what else is new? Of coarse it's the media fault. Not the lazy and stupid parents who refuse to even parent.
Christopher f

Re: House Subcommittee Schedules One-Sided Oversight Hearing ...

Well I for one am shocked!



Not really, no...

Re: House Subcommittee Schedules One-Sided Oversight Hearing ...

I am shocked and....
Nope, was just indigestion.  Carry on.

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