Riot Games Sanction League of Legends Pro Players for Cheating

March 19, 2013 -

Riot Games announced on the League of Legends forums that it has sanctioned several professional League of Legends players for engaging in what it calls "Elo-Boosting." Elo-Boosting is when one player stands in and plays on another player's client to artificially improve that person's Elo rating. Elo is a system that calculates a player's relative skill level. Mucking about with that system is apparently a pretty serious offense.

Riot Games says that those players (who it does not name in the post) have earned a 14-day suspension from playing and have forfeited all of their Season two rewards.

"Any further infractions will result in a permanent account ban and corresponding penalties, as deemed appropriate by LCS," a senior League of Legends eSports manager wrote on the message board.

The moral of the story: mind your own business.

You can read the entire post here.

Source: Polygon



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