Oops: CISPA Co-Sponsor Tweets About Money He Took from Pro-CISPA Groups

March 22, 2013 -

The Twitter account for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) co-sponsor Mike Rogers deleted a retweet of an analysis of contributions to lawmakers from pro-CISPA companies from MapLight. The group looked at the House Intelligence Committee, where Rep. Rogers serves as Chairman, and followed campaign contributions to the members who are currently considering the bill.

Rep. Rogers retweeted the story that identified that members of the House Intelligence Committee "have received, on average, 15 times more money in campaign contributions from pro-CISPA organizations than from anti-CISPA organizations." He retweeted MapLight's tweet of this information from his iPhone and after 23 minutes removed it. Despite the attempt to delete it, Sunlight Foundation's Politwoops project caught it and archived the change. According to the MapLight piece, Rep. Rogers received $214,750 from interest groups that support CISPA.

To quote Texas Governor Rick Perry, "oops."

Source: Sunlight Foundation



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