USPTO Rejects Trademark Request for iPad Mini

April 1, 2013 -

When Apple applied for a trademark for the smaller sized iPad last year, the US Patent and Trademark Office replied to its request by saying that the description for it was not enough to warrant approval because it would be covered under what it already holds for the iPad.

At least that's what it said when it sent a letter to the company back in January. That letter became public over the weekend. While some are calling the USPTO's letter an outright rejection, it still gives Apple an opportunity to write a more detailed description of the product that warrants its own separate trademark.

The USPTO's issue is with the term "Mini," mostly because it is usually a descriptor for something that's just smaller than the product on which it is based. The good news for Apple is that it has until July 24 to submit something to the USPTO that will make it award the company with a separate patent.

We'll continue to follow this story as it develops.

Source: Ars Technica



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Re: USPTO Rejects Trademark Request for iPad Mini

I thought you couldn't get a patent for something that was an obvious evolution of technology.  Simply making something smaller doesn't seem patentable.

Re: USPTO Rejects Trademark Request for iPad Mini

This is a trademark issue, not a patent issue. Apple was attempting to lock up the term "iPad Mini" and was denied. Which is good because after the troll-fest that was attacking everything that started with a lowercase 'i', the last thing we need is a troll-fest over anything with the word 'mini'.

Re: USPTO Rejects Trademark Request for iPad Mini

derp. haha.. my goof.

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