Nintendo: 80 Percent of Wii U's Sold Worldwide Are Online

April 26, 2013 -

Nintendo today revealed details on just how many Wii U users are connected to the Internet. According to the data collected by Nintendo, about 80 percent of its world-wide customer base is connected to the Internet, while the 3DS hand-held has an even higher average connected rate of 83 percent. That's 80 percent of the 3.45 million Wii U consoles sold worldwide are connected. Nintendo says that this is the highest number of connected devices the company has ever seen.

"This is a higher number than the previous hardware systems we released," Iwata said in a statement. "As Wii U is a game console you can enjoy most with an Internet connection, we will continue to inform our consumers about the advantages of using it online and further increase the net-connection ratio."

In Japan, the connected rate for the 3DS is the highest at 87 percent, while in the U.S. it is at around 83 percent, and in Europe at around 57 percent.

On a related note, Nintendo released a Spring Update for the Wii U last night that improves loading times, and adds some other minor improvements and features.

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Re: Nintendo: 80 Percent of Wii U's Sold Worldwide Are Online

This is interesting, but I would posit that most of the Wii U owners right now are the early adopter types who are probably more likely to be online.  "Regular" people aren't running out to buy the Wii U the way they did with the Wii.  Let's see what the numbers are like 5 years from now.  This is probably also helped by Nintendo having better onilne offerings, so more of a reason to get online with the thing.

Re: Nintendo: 80 Percent of Wii U's Sold Worldwide Are Online

The online system with the Wii U is indeed much, MUCH better, especially with the retiring of that friendcode business.

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